5 Best Android Music Player You May Use [With Download Link]

All of us like to listen to music. We all listen to songs to spend leisure time or hobby. And in today’s era, there is no need for a DVD player or cassette player to listen to music. Now we can store thousands of songs on our phones and listen to music with earphones. And to listen to the loud music, there are sound boxes, speakers, and so on. But most of the time we hear songs on our smartphones. Because this is the most convenient device to listen to music. And to listen to a song, there is a need for several music player apps. The default music player app that is commonly installed on All Android may be boring or maybe it does not have many features or many somebody does not like it. So, we all always install a third-party music player app that is good for listening to music and that’s always used to listen to songs. Here is the 5 Best Android Music Player you may use for your mobile.

To talk about third-party music player, almost all Android users have the personal favorites to listen to music, which they install on all smartphones. But if you do not already have a personal music player or have not found it yet, then today’s article is for you. Today I will discuss some of the best third-party music players I have seen, some of which you may like. So, let’s start

Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music

Perhaps this is the most popular app as a third-party music player. Because, those who use third-party music player app, it is the first choice of more than half of the people. Because, this app has more features than just listening to music, which you will not find in other third-party music player apps. This music player firstly choice for lyric-lovers. For those who love to see lyrics on the screen, listening to music, it’s the best music player for them. If the tag information on the songs in your storage is correct, you will see the lyrics of the song on the screen while playing the song. Also, while applying the app, it will show the lyrics in a floating window like chat head while playing songs on other music players. You can also watch any lyrics from any song translated into many languages. For example, if you want an English lyric, you can also see them in Bangla from English with this app.

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music

This is not the end, you can watch the lyrics in the floating window below the video while playing a music video on YouTube. Playing a non-known song, this app will tell you by notification bar that the name of the song and the song that is sung. Even more interesting features are being made, creating a Linux card. If you want, you can create an artwork with the lyrics of a song and you can also share it on social media. Apart from this, these features will be automatically edited by the song tag, the song’s cover art will be changed. And the user interface of this app is very beautiful. But there is a problem with this music player, ADS. There is also ads free version. To get it, you must count about $14 per year. The app’s features can be conceded by some pop-up ads.

Download from Play Store


Groove Music Player

If you use Windows 10 on PC, then you are familiar with this name. Groove Music is Microsoft’s official music player. That is, this music player is made up of Microsoft. Although this music player does not have many features, if you want to match the music player to your desktop and the music player of the smartphone, then this music player will be the best for you. Because, in this music player, you will find your PC’s music player like the Exact Same user interface. In other words, this app is called the default version of the default music player of Windows 10.

Groove Music Player

This app is given to you for two reasons. The first is its FAMILIAR user interface and the second is its OneDrive Intergradation. If you have a Microsoft account, then you must have 5 GB of space in your Cloud. If you upload any music from this 5 GB space to OneDrive, you will listen to the songs in the Groove Music Player anytime and you can hear it on any of your devices that have Groove Music installed and your Microsoft account is logged in. You do not need to keep all the songs in the local storage. But yes, you will need a Wi-Fi connection or Data to stream. And yes, because Microsoft is an official app, it’s a clean and add-on app.

However, this app is 100% free, but you will not find it in the Play Store. Because this app is not universally available. But for your convenience, I gave the direct download link of the app. You can download and install the app from this link.


Retro Music Player

I like this music player for its amazing user interface. It is the Best Android Music Player for me. If you notice that the user interface or design of this app has been created from Google Play Music and Apple Music Player Design Language are mixed together. That means this music player has been created together by combining both Android and iPhone designs. As a result, the user interface of this app is different from other music players and it looks pretty good compared to other music players. Find out what the design is like, see the following screenshots.

Retro Music Player

Besides, when you play any music in this app, you will get detailed information about the song and the artist, under the name of the song below. Apart from this, you will also have the option to edit advanced tags. You can change any song album name, artist name, cover art as you wish. This app is made up of third-party developers but there are no such annoying ads. There is no addiction to say that there is no addictive add-on. Because this app is completely add-on. Apart from this, there are some extra UI customization features that allow you to sort the app as you wish. You can change the theme of the app, the color, and almost everything. The app is quite lightweight and fast.

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Phonograph Music Player

This app can be called a Better version of Google Play Music. Because, with the design of this music player, there is much similarity with Google Play Music. However, this app has more features than Google Play Music and it’s not like heavy and lagge apps like Google Play. This app’s user interface is also beautiful. Like Retro Music, this app is also created by the third-party developer but there are no ads on it.

Phonograph Music Player

This app is also fully ads free. This app design is very simple and easy to buy. Also, any song tag can be edited with this with the help of this app and can change the cover art, artist image etc. This app is also used as a native music player in many Android custom ROMs. This app does not have many interstitial features since this app is aimed at Simplicity. However, this app can customize many user interfaces, which allows you to customize it using it as you wish.

Download from Play Store


LISTENit: Music Player – just LISTENit, Local, Without Wi-Fi

Perhaps the name may seem familiar to you. We all use Shareit on the phone to share files. This app is made by this Shareit Corporation. That means the developer who developed the Shareit app, the music player created by the same developer. The user interface of this app is also quite minimal, and the app is lightweight too. With this app, you can certainly play songs from your phone’s storage. Moreover, this app also has a large online music library where you can listen to your favorite songs stream.

Music Player – just LISTENit, Local Without Wi-Fi

But, do not think that their online library is so big like Spotify or Saavn. 50% of the time you will not find the song that you are looking for the online library. But almost all the popular songs are available. Besides, you can stream weekly trending clusters. But as an online music player, it is not very good in my opinion. Besides, if you talk about the rest of the features, you can edit the music tag as you like, customize the theme and user interface, and you will also get a built-in music equalizer which allows you to tune the music as you wish. Another good feature is that, in this app you can also create ringtones from the song. But there is a big disadvantage of this app, it is not the adfree app.

Download from Play Store

I’m not saying that these are the best music player apps on Android. These five are some of my music player apps that I found to be good to me Best Android Music Player. There may be more great music player apps available in the Play Store. If you know the name of any music player or if you use it, then tell it in the comments section.

Here’s the end of today. The next episode can be discussed with some more good Android apps. Hope you like it today If there is any question or opinion about the article, please tell it in the comments section. take care.


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