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6 Best Android Reminder App 2018! Now It’s impossible to forget something!

If the phone is used for every field of life, then why not get the help of the phone to remind you? – We humans, some can and can not forget, but we are the masters!It is good to return from the office, but do you remember paying electricity bills on the way back? How about, if your phone’s app reminds you, when you leave the place, your phone will notify you by notification. Here is the best Android reminder app you may need to install in your android device.

In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best Android reminder apps, which will help you to remind you of your forgotten work.

1. Google Keep

Since Android is Google’s product, so before I suggest another app, I like to find out, whether Google has made an app itself for that work. Because, to use Google’s apps, it super Easy and one account application, everything can be controlled. Google keep is a simple note-writing app, where there are location-based reminder systems.

Google Keep

The best thing is, the app is completely free! The app will have the option to share your reminder notes with everyone. You can send a note to your friend who has only one Gmail account. You can also manage notes or create new reminder notes using the Google App, from the Google keep, from– using the web app.

Download: Google keep

2. Google Allo

Although Google Allo is a messaging app, still it can do a lot. This app contains Google Assistant, which treats this app as the chatbot format. You can ask about this chatbot anytime or can do any virtual work. 

Google Allo

You can set the reminder on the phone by writing or by giving voice commands, after the time you will be reminded of time. Although this app is still not so popular, it can be a lot of fun for Google Assistant to get from this app. You can set up the reminder with a unique app.

Download: Google Aloe

3. Geobells

Geobells App is an awesome app packed on some amazing features. You can set the reminder at the time of going to a place or the side of the place. You can set any place as a reminder, there will be no need to remain in the address, in the app you will find in-build map feature.


You will find any location there again. Suppose you typed, “restaurant” – the app will show you the location of some of the restaurants around you. On returning home you will have to go to the raw market to buy vegetables, so if you go to the raw market or cross the market, the app will give you an alert.

Download: Geobells

4. Todoist

You can find everything in this todoist app as it is necessary to do as a to-do list app. Not just the Android app, There is software for Chrome Extensions and PCs. You can sync your to-do lists comfortably in all the disks, and get notifications from any device.


But this app has a downside, you can get the Reminder feature only with the premium version. Anyway, its free version is also pretty good. If you do not need a reminder feature, its free version is just as a to-do list.

Download: Todoist

5. To Do List

To Do List – A Simple Lightweight To Do List App; However, whatever type of app it is necessary to have, it has everything. Here you can easily create any task and also group tasks to easily browse. You can also sync this app with Google Talk.

To Do List

After switching the device or buying a new phone, you can get your lists back if you sign in with the same account. Undoubtedly this is a good reminder app. There’s also a premium version, but you can do a lot with a free version. So it is necessary to see your mast tray.

Download; To do list

6. is a to-do list based reminder app, the best part of the app is its amazing interface. In a clear word, it’s a good reminder app. Best App To Remember Anything, Suppose it is to buy rice from the store, it is easier to use more than the Calendar app for this job. To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

Also the interface of the app used the material design (I’m a big fan of the material device), along with the reminder, you can also set the home task in it. As a reminder app, it must be done once to track, who knows, you will also be loved!


So friends, this was a list made by some of the great Android reminder apps to remind you of your forgotten work. You can give us a comment below, which app you prefer to use and why. If you are familiar with any of the Best Android Reminder App, which are really awesome, you can let us know by commenting below.



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