IGTV for creators? Is it really another platform for creative creators?

We all know what Instagram is. It’s a social network platform for share images, share lovely moments and obviously with there all new and cool Instagram filters. But is IGTV for creators?

They are recently added live chat option for their users. But in 2018 they have launched their new idea IGTV. In IGTV you can easily create your own channel to share your creativity with the world. They have announced that it can share vertical videos under 60-minutes. In the Instagram regular video they are only allowing 1-minute video. Maybe you are feeling frustrated to use Instagram 1-minute length videos That’s why IGTV invented.

Is IGTV compete with YouTube?

Instagram announced IGTV standalone application for long-term vertical video content, they want to beat YouTube with their invention. But IGTV wants to catch mobile users with their app. They want to create an on the go platform for creative creators to create cool video content. But they have video time limitation they are only allowing 60-minute videos. YouTube can be shown from many platforms like mobile, tablet, TV, and laptop or pc but IGTV now have only one platform and that is Android and iPhone.

Where can be IGTV found?

Most of the users now have access to IGTV, even though when Instagram reported the new feature at an event on June 20 in San Francisco, The blog post told that that the application should be available for users over some next few weeks. Because then IGTV application may have bugs. Instagram new IGTV now only have two ways to find, one is the Google Play Store for Android device and another is on the Apple Store for iPhone users. Now it is not available for windows or mac or Linux or any browsers. On my Xiaomi note 4x I have searched for IGTV on my Play store and the new app just popped up at the top. Then I just installed that. But if you have the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone then you can directly find IGTV icon on right side of the top of Instagram. That is certainly one route for the organization to inspire users to utilize this new feature, without adding an extra step to the method.

What is the work of IGTV?

The purpose of IGTV is that Instagram users would now be able to make longer recordings, which can possibly become more-engaging video content for Instagram followers. IGTV is totally new and fresh feature for content creators. This can turn your viewing experience to a new level which is vertical video content. By using IGTV you can create a video which is more than 1 minute, in fact, every video can be up to an hour-long video. As indicated by Instagram’s “Welcome to IGTV” blog entry. That is significantly an opportunity to create a series video or offer an item or idea.

The Uses of IGTV

I’m happy that you inquired! Above all else, IGTV is totally worked on your phone, which means that videos of yours are full-screen and vertical. The application is advanced to function well with a device that you (most likely) as of now use to take photographs and recordings consistently. What’s more, IGTV genuinely couldn’t be less complex to utilize. In the Instagram application, you simply click that new little icon on the right side of the top of your phone, and IGTV boots up naturally. In the IGTV application itself, you’ll see this photo when you first attempt IGTV out. When you will click to continue, then IGTV began up the same way as it had in the standard Instagram application. See what I mean? Once you’re in the application, regardless of how you arrived, it’s extremely easy to explore. You can browse from categories you like, Popular, Continue Watching or look for particular channels. This is what happened when I scanned for “Bird”

And keeping in mind that a video is playing, you essentially swipe up to get the search For You, Following, and so on classifications back on the principal screen. I needed to play around with it a bit to find everything, except the highlights, didn’t take me that long to make sense of. I adhered to the Next prompts and made a procedure in a matter of moments, all setup and prepared for me to transfer longer recordings.

IGTV is not a regular TV

As I described up on this article IGTV is a vertical video making or watching application. But in our regular life, we watch Television which is a signal from the satellite. Tv station sent information to the satellite in a constant range of frequency. And the satellite sent that information to our home Device which is called as Television. But IGTV is a totally online based application.

In IGTV anyone can create their own channel but in regular tv, only some licensed company can create a channel, they need an office many employs many cameras etc. But in IGTV you need just a smartphone where you can shoot video. And just make creative videos and upload it on IGTV and then other users who need information from your video they can watch your video, they can make comments and like over there. On Regular TV no one can share their opinion. Now we know what is regular tv and what is IGTV.

Make your IGTV Channel and Upload Video

First of all IGTV for creators. So First, you need to download the official app of IGTV or you can access IGTV from your Instagram application. After installing it, run the IGTV app and connect your IG account with it. Now you need to set-up your IGTV channel by just tapping on your profile photo. Then click to “create channel” on your phone screen. Now just follow prompts to set up your IGTV channel. After when you got connected your Instagram information will be shown on your channel and you can now upload videos on IGTV.

For Upload, a video on your channel click on the (+) plus icon above your channel information and scroll for your desired video from your gallery and chose the video to upload on your IGTV channel.

Hope I wrote enough to understand what igtv is and is igtv for creators or not. Now it’s totally up to you what platform you need to share your creativity youtube or igtv. In my opinion, you should try the new igtv beside youtube. If This article helps you please leave a comment below. Thank you

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