Intel X series: Intel’s fastest processor ever made! [Detailed explanation]

Intel’s major processor was upgraded in 2008 when Intel brought its core I series to the market. Since then we have been seeing Intel’s flagship processor series in three parts in the market. These are Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 – I will discuss today with Intel X series processors.

About 10 years after leaving the Core I Series market, Intel brought its new flagship processor series Intel X-Series to the market last year, and this year the distribution of this super fast processor has already begun at the consumer level. Before going to the Intel X processors, let’s know a little basic information-

Intel Core i9 is a new member of Intel x series 2018 processor family. Yes, almost 10 years later Intel’s new high-speed processor is now available in the market. This Core i9 processor will be available in different models of core vendors in the market. Starting from 4 cores to 18 core, the model is now on the market. However, if you want to use any of the models of Intel x series processors, then you will need a separate CPE socket and the new model core i9 compatible motherboard.

You can find four types of processor sections on the Intel X series processors. These are core i5 x, core i7 x, core i9x and core i9 extreme. Here you will only get 18 cores of taste on the Core I9 Extreme Processor. And currently, Core I9X 18 Core processor has a price of 1999 US Dollars.

Take a look at what Intel brings on X series:

  • 9 new Intel “X Series” Extreme CPU
  • New X299 motherboard platform
  • New LGA 2066 socket (which replaces 2011-V3)
  • 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 core features 5 new I-9 core CPUs (Skylake-X)
  • 3 new Core i7 processors (4, 6 and 8 core)
  • 1 new Core i5 processor (4 core)
  • DDR 4 RAM capacity up to 128 gigs which will support up to 4400 MHz

The new Intel X series processors have been given two types of codenames. These are Kaby Lake X and also Skylake X. Basically, these Intel X-series processors are part of the Super High-End Desktop (HEDT) platform. So they cost more than other processors, as well as performances and more. Note that currently Kaby Lake X processors are used for high-performance gaming and Skylake X CPUs are used for other common purposes. So if you have a budget, then you can take Kaby Lake X  processors. Another thing is that Intel has not provided any integrated graphics in its Core IX series processors.

Price list

Now come up with the price of this new Intel X series processor. 18 cores (Hum 18 cores!) I9 is the price of 1999 US Dollar At the lowest price i5 X-Series, which costs 242 US dollars.

On the other hand, the new i7-7740X has been priced at $ 339, which is very similar to the i7-7700K processor. Below is the “official” price list of Core IX series processors:

Core i9X is the Intel Core X series processor’s most attractive processor. Like all Intel X series processors, Core i9X and 9x Extreme Processors are built on Intel’s 14nm process. Core i9 processors have a market in the 6,8,10, 12, 14 and 18 core models. But 18 processors are not new in the market. Just like Intel made Xeons processor up to 24 cores. But the 18 cores Core i9-7980XE processor can be “overclocking” as it costs more and performance is more than the 24 -core Xeons processor. Here the XE interprets the “Xtreme Extreme” code for Intel.

Through the overclocking, the 10 -core i9-7900X processor’s factory clock speed can be increased to 3.5 GHz and up to 4.5 GHz. But the point here is that all 10 cores will not reach 4.5GHz speed, only a super boosted core will reach at 4.5 GHz speed. But these are the calculations of accounting pen. Actually, tell the name of an app or game that will use 10 Cores with 20 threads at the same time! And the thing about threads is that you get double threads of the core number of all intel X series processors. Only get 4 core and 4 threads in the i5-7640X model.

For those who work in professional graphics or work high-level studio, Intel has brought their super fast core i9x processor. Now, if you are a gamer or if you are looking for a processor for professional gaming, then you can go to Core I 9 if you have a budget, but I do not think anyone will play games by spending millions of money in the processor. And so Intel’s ultimate gaming processor for “Amazon” is Kaby Lake X processors. That means i5-X and i7-x processors. Because no matter how high-defining gaming is, games essentially need a good graphics card.

It cannot be said that this situation may also change when the video game makers will give more importance to the CPU than the graphics card in a game’s recurrence. And four core CPUs are now being used as a standard worldwide for high definition gaming. And so on i7-7700K processors, you were able to overclock and get 4.9GHz speed and now you can overclock the new X series i7-7740X processor and take the speed up to 5.3GHz. Those who have a good idea about the speed of this GHz, they will definitely understand this speed. The same model has a 3.9 GHz processor with a 4.0 GHz processor price and performance is high.

And if the generation says, then all these intel X-series processors are the seventh-generation (7th Gen) processor. Yes, the Core I 9 8th Generation Processor is currently available in the market, but it is not an extreme series because of that I have not given it in today’s article. I will discuss with you in an earlier article about the 8th generation of processors.

Intel X series motherboard:

Yes, brother If you want to taste the intel X-series processor, you must have an X series motherboard. Without this, you cannot add the processor to this new X series. Currently, the X299 market and motherboards of the new X399 series are going on. Maybe in the future X499, X599 series can come. Because this X series is only last year, 8/9 months came to the market. Motherboards of the X-299 series have been upgraded to the market of the X99 series Motherboards since 2014, bringing Intel to the market.

10 and more Core i9 chips have 44 PCI-E Lanes! Yes, Brother 44 PCI-E Lanes! 6 and 8 cores i9 chips have 28 PCI-E lanes and i7 Kaby-X versions of 16 lenses. Like the previous X99 motherboard, the X-299 will have 8 DIMMs with the DDR4-2666 Quad Chain Ram Slot. This means that the 8 ram sticks can be put together at the same time. The RAM slot can be installed on a 4400 MHz speed.

On the other hand, X399 motherboards are currently the latest and the motherboards of this series are about to be released later this year.

Turbo Boost 3.0 MAX!

Yes! Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0 will be available in Skylake-X processors (i9-x) 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 cores. Previously, the Broadwell-E processors had a Turbo 3.0 “enabled” feature. This means that you can get the clock speed up to 4.5GHz to 4.7GHz through this turbo feature of the 10 -core 7900X processor. However, this Turbo Boost Max3 feature chooses the perfect core from the core of your processor and then it boosts it.

Intel and AMD always fight against each other in the processor war. There is no exception to this yet. So this X series was supposed to be released this year, but almost 20 weeks ago, Intel released their X series in the market. If you want to use the new series of processors, you need the X series motherboard and PC socket. And the new X-series processors pulled about 0.5 times more power from the previous processor. That means you’ll need more powerful power supplies.

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