How do you know if anyone else is listening to your phone?

Many may have many kinds of things, for which to tap your phone is not absolutely incredible. Maybe your office boss, your boyfriend / lover, any of your family members, bad people, or even police can tap, track, or monitor your phone or they can sent any kind of malicious files to your phone.

Trust me, you are not alone at all, many people are being taped differently today, and your conversations are being tried to listen.

In this smartphone age, phone tapping has become much easier. They do not need to hack your cellphone network, hacker just can easily find your phone’s vulnerabilities and easily turn your phone into a taping device. Many people do the phone root or jail break to increase the phone’s power or use a different type of third-party app, allowing these harmful apps to work easily.

Anyway, I published some smart ideas in this article, from which you can understand that someone is keeping an eye on your conversation by tapping your phone.

Is someone listening to your phone?

The phone has become a lot more private than the bath area, and by phone tapping, all your privacy can be destroyed. You might be thinking, without any help from cellphone company or without a police, no one can tap the phone. Actually, your smartphone tapping or monitored is easy to do as water. Just finish the work on your phone once the spying app is installed. Specifically, if your phone is rooted, such an app will work on your phone outside your idea, and you will not get it until then.

Think about how many calls you make on the phone, how many types of important information deal with it, and if they go to a third party it can be a terrible thing. Call taping can prove to be harmful to you from any point of view. But there is not much reason to worry, I’ll teach you some strategies in the following paragraphs, which you can easily understand if your phone has been spying by someone.

  1. Abnormal background noises

When someone taping the phone, or listening to your phone especially during calling or talking, the strange type of noise is heard. If you hear any static sound of a unusual sound or strange sound, maybe someone else is listening to your conversation. Especially when you are silent, even if the noise comes down to the phone, then you may become a victim of tapping.

If you need to record your calls then record your phone call, check your call’s voice or audio strainer using Audacity software, if there is an unusual background noise, then you have to understand the problem. But it may not always be that, because of the network, it may happen, but if it always happens then there is definitely problem. If you are using landline, then the phone may be tapped in case the phone is hooked even if the noise is raised.

If your phone breaks down even after having a good network, it can be noticed on the back page, and again it may be due to the network, but if it is always or suddenly it starts to happen, there must be a problem, which is not a good sign.

  1. Check the battery life

Suddenly, consuming more charges on your phone’s battery, there may be another factor in taping your phone. Your fruit calls are being sent to someone with the help of the third party, in that it must be working on the phone and you want to get more. If you suddenly noticed your phone charging would go all day, there are only hours left, maybe your phone is tapped.

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But to get a deeper idea about this, you have to track your usage. Make a good note of why your phone is not charged. Are you making more calls than ever before, or are you using more internet. Android phones or iPhone, every operating system has detailed battery information, you can easily check it there.

If your use remains the same as before, but even then battery life decreases, then surely there are problems. But if your phone’s battery is more than 1 year old, then it is very normal for battery performance to decrease, and for this you can see this article: How to take proper care of the smartphone battery?

When your phone’s battery charge will drain, the phone will become hot compared to normal. Now if you notice that the J phone is heating up without using the phone, then certainly there is no task in the background and this is also one of the key signs.

  1. See the phone shutdown

If your phone is tapped or monitored, it will be a strange thing happen on the phone. Maybe your phone starts to restart because of no reason or suddenly the phone’s light can get flashed, so you have to understand that the phone has some remote access.

For a more precise understanding, shutdown your phone. During the phone shutdown, the operating system must terminate all running background processes, if there is no malicious process in the background, it will take a phone to shut down, so the shutting down process can be very long. If there is a light on the screen after the full phone shutdown or shutdown is too late or the shutdown fails, then there is a problem.

But sometimes there may be such problems due to different reasons. Specially if you have updated your phone OS correctly, then the phone may behave like crazy when there is a problem with the update.

  1. Awesome phone activity

If your phone is tapped, then the activity of the phone will another type. The phone will automatically restart, shutdown or install your favorite apps without your permission. Hacker tries to install more apps from its installed malicious app, so that more control over the phone is possible.

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Another thing to keep in mind, if your phone is tapped, then there may be strange type sms. If you have a code or a different type of language to see on any SMS, specially if there is no meaning, there is a lot of scope for it to keep your phone locked. In fact, hackers use different malicious SMS commands to monitor their malicious app.

Besides, your phone’s performance may decrease, and startup popup ads may start to come. Suddenly, if the performance of the phone is low, then surely the malware has entered the phone, specially when starting showing popup.

  1. Check electronic interference

You must know or be aware that, when you call a phone and the phone is in front of a speaker, then the speaker starts to some bip sound. Moreover, your laptop, a different phone, or TV can be heard in the noise. Now if you are not in a call, then electronic interference or bip sound should not be sounded.

If you see that, without calling, your phone is available in front of the speaker or in front of the TV, then there is a problem, your phone has someone tapped and not only listening to the call, but also the attention of every moment of your conversation.

  1. Suddenly the phone bill increased

Spying apps can use your phone’s cellular data, if no data plan is activated on your phone, then the phone bill can be increased in extreme rate. If you use a post-paid plan, a large amount of bill may come out at the end of the month, if the prepaid plan is used, the balance cannot be raised.

Malicious app can work on the data manually, you will not be able to know. But suddenly there may be more legitimate reasons for the phone’s data consumption. For example, if you have downloaded a new app that is consuming a lot of data or maybe there is a child in your home, it has kept the data in error and it can increase the bill. Besides, you can also look at the SMS bill and call bill, if you see that calls / sms were sent outside your account and more bills are received, then your phone may be tapped.

How to be safe?

Must be use common sens to be safe!

Phone tapping is done through smartphones, specially by installing malicious apps. But if tap from the police or operator then the matter may be different. Now that hacker will try to attack your phone through the app, so the side load does not mean that the app should not be downloaded without the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Downloading an app from the Play Store reduces your chance of getting infected by malware.

Before applying every app to the official app store in the phone, they must scan the malware and then view the source code of the app. Google Play Protect Project works specifically to provide protection from malware. However, malicious code may be hidden in the app, but it happens in very small cases.

But you do not have to download the app from the Play Store only, you have to use common senses yourself. If you see an app that does not have any work related to messaging, but wants to get call history or message permissions, there is a problem with it. Many games want call history or massage permissions, but now it has valid reasons, but you have to do it. Determine how confident the app is to be trusted and refrain from abetting permissions.

Many hackers copy the name and icon of popular apps and create exact style fakes apps. For this reason, before downloading an app, please download the app’s developer name from the Play Store and then download it. The Fake App can harm you very badly. There are many types of fakes apps that can steal all the money in your bank.

Do not use any kind of unknown calling apps to your phone. If you have a small child at home, then try parental control is enabled on the phone, in which your child can not accidentally download malicious app. And yes, refrain from routing the phone or breaking the jail, if you have to, you must be a power user. If you dont know what Root is , then stay away from it.

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