How is the website hacked and Why hackers want to hack your website?

Today, a website plays a very important role in every case. Whether you are in any profession, a website is a vital part of today. Wherever so many websites are increasing, security demand has increased a lot. In News we hear that many important website hacked or “such hackers hacked such a website”. Many people make websites but often show negligence in the security case, it is necessary to keep in mind that your site can be hacked for a variety of reasons, It can not only harm yourself, but also your site visitors may be targeted.

Besides, malicious website is also harmful for your business and traffic. Now maybe you think, “I have a general blog, where there are no user details such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, customer information, then why would a hacker want to hack my site?” – All right, there are lots of arguments for you, but if you look at a little different notice, hackers can hack your website and then steal information and perform all the worst and worst acts. Most of the time, hackers do not target any particular website, hackers do not have any links with any informative site or non-informative site. Why hackers want to hack your website? – In this article, we have discussed this topic in detail, and have presented some possible reasons.

How is the website hacked?

In fact, most of the websites are hacked by unauthorized hackers (those who are learning new hacking, still not having enough skills) or scripted kids (those who do not have special knowledge on programming or hacking, trying to hack using others’ codes). Many hackers just hack the website to increase their efficiency. Here hackers say that Black Hat or illegal hacker is being talked about. Many websites have security scanners, which help to scan websites randomly and find out if there is a security problem. Many times, the hacker manually checks out the web site and finds that there are no security issues.

Many times, your site is open to hackers because of your own mistakes. You may index such a link to Google, which is not correct at indexing. Suppose your site contains a secure and hidden login page link, where you login to the site. Now suppose that page is indexed in Google search results, that means hacker can get your site login page and they have access to it and get access from it. To hack into the website of a professional hacker, it must acquire knowledge about the site and collect data. You used a theme on the site, built a site with any software, using any plugins, etc. Now there is no problem with your site or your own or code. But the theme you used or the plugin, maybe it’s faulty, which can cause your site to be easily hacked.

Hackers combine all the investigation data on your site and check the version of each of your software, plugins, themes and so on. They try to find errors, if they use an old version theme or plug-in, hackers try to find Google by hiding them, what errors they may have made, and whether they can be prepared to hack the site. However, when thinking of hacking a target website, it takes a lot of time, beforehand, the hacker must study the site. Many sites have been hacked by not using coding and hacking techniques.

All the websites of the world are basically a hack on two topics. First, the login error. That means you might have used a common type of user name or password to log in, which could easily crack through a brute force attack. If you use “admin” or “root” as a user name, how long will it take to get a hack? Secondly, website hacks are for software problems, which are discussed above. All the applications or plugins of the website, such as computer operating systems, must be updated regularly, their security patches are to be applied. Please remember you have used WordPress software to build your website. Now just do not have to update or patrol the WordPress, with the theme used in the site, plugins, everything will be kept updated. And you must do Basic Security Practice.

Why hackers hack the website?

Hacking the website is a lot more common nowadays, and news papers are its living witnesses. Hacks may be randomly hacked, to get you back on business, hacking your customer’s data. Big sites are basically hacked to make a business down, or down the site with a disease attack, so that visitors cannot access the site. But why would you hack your small and common web blog? Let’s find out some reasons below!


This type of hacking is most likely to be seen in hacking websites. Hackers hook up any website, and they have used pictures of their own pictures or organization on the home page. Their main purpose is to spread their name or spreading the name of the hacking group. They want to show that there is a hacking group in that name. The biggest advantage of hacking this type is that you must make free advertise any of your freebies. Suppose a site gets 20 thousand-page views per day, if every link on that site shows the pages of hacker, think about how much free ad is shown.

#Get the computer

Many hackers do not hack your site for your website, they actually do not have any affiliation on the site, they just hack your site to get your website server or server computer to use. When you get your server computing, two birds in one pile. It got a free computer and secondly, the electricity bill of that computer is not necessary. Because the web server is like any other computer, so it is possible to perform any task. However, hackers typically use computer power to minimize digital currency. For example, for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency mine.

#fishing pages

Maybe there is no user data on your site, but hackers can hang your site by hanging the fake pages. That fake page can be like Facebook or the exact version of Google login page. Most of the time, the user gets stupid to see such pages, and the real site thinks its user name and password is entered. As soon as the credit card details go to hackers, the login name and password or any entered information. Thus, hackers can steal thousands or thousands of users by stealing your website.

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This type of attack can be called a SEO Attack. Hackers from your search engine will hack your site to rank in their own website, creating spam pages there by hackers, which can have several backlinks, which will benefit hackers. SEO means search engine optimization. Generally, Google or search engines give more importance to those sites whose links are in most other sites. So, hackers continue to hack a site like this one after another, and link sites of those sites to get backlinks.


Many websites are randomly hacked to send spam emails. Then thousands or millions of emails are sent together from the site, many times the site owner cannot understand anything, while the hacker continues his work. Since your site server is a computer, it is possible to do whatever you want by using the power to get that computing. Millions of fake Mails send different addresses to the hacker free, so it becomes impossible to trace that mail, because the mail is not coming from the hacker computer and coming from your web server. Hackers can earn a lot of money by spamming emails, but web server companies must spend a lot of money, their IP addresses are blacklisted, they need money to fix them. And I talked about spamming to create backlinks for SEO.

# Spread the malware

Hacker can hack website with malicious code or malicious software injected there. Then when a visitor visits the site and there is an error on his PC, the malware enters the visitor’s computer. This time the malware allows hackers to earn money in an unprecedented way, for example: Hackers can use infected PC as a botnet , steal all the data from that computer, encrypt all the files in the computer, and demand money to back to the files It can be claimed, just as in the case of ransomware . This is a common reason to be your website hacked.


If you have a website from your own site, please take care of special security, in the next article I will publish a detailed guide line about website security. But the best method is to keep a regular backup of your site, so that if there is any problem then you can come back to the previous version, at least do not lose your hard works. It takes a lot of hard work to create and run a website, of course, you do not want to overwhelm all your hackers. Hopefully the article was highly educative and important for you. You can comment below on any of your questions.

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