Apple away from the social media

Why is Apple away from the social media?

If you use a lot of social media and follow the famous tech companies and brands in social media, then you have noticed that Apple, the world’s most valued brand, always avoids actively social media platforms. Every social media will see Apple’s official profile or page or account, and if they say that Apple users only do not take any other name, that’s why they have created their official user accounts in those social media platforms. Outside of this, social media has no type of activity, promotional posts, some kind of celebrity ads and even some social media marketing – and Apple never makes it.

Why is Apple away from the social media?

For example, if Apple targets the official Twitter account, Apple will never see a single tweet on their Twitter account. If you look at the official page of Facebook, you will see that there is nothing but a few iPhone images. Apart from Apple’s Instagram account, Apple also shares the pictures taken on iPhone only. There is nothing else. Apple also disables the comment section of each video uploaded to their YouTube channel so that each video works just like a simple product announcement.

but why? Why is Apple’s tech company, which is the world’s first trillion dollar company, is avoiding actively social media marketing? On the other tech companies of the world (Google, Samsung, Microsoft etc), they will see that they are the opposite of social media marketing.

They actively use every social media, and they promote and market their products in every social media. Why do other tech companies consider social media as one of the biggest media marketing and their overalls success, why does Apple always try to avoid social media, the world’s most valued company? Let’s talk about this issue today.

To understand this, you have to think from the beginning. According to Interbrand’s report, Apple brand is the world’s most valuable brand. Company accounts or company’s trillions of dollars are different, but only Apple’s brand value is more than $ 184 billion and this brand is the world’s fastest growing brand. Again, it’s not just brand or brand value calculation, not the whole company.

In fact, there is no scope to deny that there is one of the most organized, most straightforward and most of the most self-managed and most consistent tech companies in Apple Tech Industries. Whether you’re an Apple Lover or an Apple hater, you have to admit that Apple is a leader in the field of smartphones and other tech products. Look at the iPhone you release every year of Apple. Say hello to the headphone jack remover, tell the dance on the display and tell the 144 HERF refresh rate display, the first leader of all the trends was Apple.

Brand Consistency – It is possible to achieve this quality only when the company and brand have enough control over each service and every product of the company, and Apple has enough of it. When you visit Apple’s website, what kind of experience do you get, how can you get experience by visiting a physical Apple store, what will you see in Apple TV’s and what will be shown there, where will Apple’s billboards add place and what add What will be, what will be the packaging of Apple products, from these things even you are on iPhone How¬† you organize your home screen, the things that Apple itself control.

Apple Brand For World

A tech company can not possibly make it possible without Apple’s own control of all the details of a company’s own control. That’s why Apple is hitting many companies, but there is no scope to deny that Apple’s software experience, hardware experience, and the entire brand are always the constants in their work due to Apple’s such control.

Simply put, another step in Apple’s customer control is to avoid social media. You can see that there are two types of feedback available to those brands which are more active in social media, visiting their social media pages such as Facebook pages, Instagram profile, Twitter accounts. The first is the company or the brand’s own promotions or posts and their customs feedback or comments.

There are positive comments as well as negative comments. Negative Complaint about the Company’s Bad Customer Support, Negative Complain about Product Quality, as well as Brand Fanboys and Heaters also have Positive and Negative comments which are never acceptable as a Recommendation. So for the most famous brands, social media has a good side of marketing as well as bad aspects.

Now let’s come to Apple. The Apple brand has the highest number of the heater in the world. On Facebook or anywhere else in a tech dispensing group or community, notice that most Apple Hackers can be found which can not bear the straight Apple brand, because of that. Trails with Apple in social media, Memes have seen so many. So imagine that if Apple uses social media actively, they will get a lot of negative feedback from these heteros in addition to positive feedback, as well as the message that Apple wants to reach to their trusted customers, it is absolutely impossible to reach without distorting. Finally, there will be more negative publicity than Apple’s positive publicity.

And a company like Apple will never let it happen. So the only intelligent work to keep relationship clearance and straightforward with all their announcement and all their customers is to avoid social media marketing as much as possible.

But there are some good aspects to be active in social media. For example, if the brand is active in social media, the brand can communicate directly with their customers, feedback from them, and what the customers want from the brand or what the company’s products want or expose and what they want to find. In addition, through social media, the company can get some profit in their product cell, but it is not a big deal for Apple to increase the number of cell phones using social media.

And taking product feedback with customs and working according to what customers want – this is a work so far Apple has not actively acted like it did, as the smartphone brands like the Oneplus or Xiaomi. So brands such as Oneplus or Xiaomi have the ability to take feedback from customs and work accordingly, is one of the key features of their entire business model, and that is one of the reasons for their success. But Apple is not required to do this work. Because we’ve seen every year that Apple has always worked according to their own decision without hearing the feedback of customs and still they have become the world’s most valued brand.

Why is Apple away from the social media

Besides, Apple always thinks that “People do not know what they want until you show it to them”, which Apple’s founder Steve Jobs himself said. So they want them to be the first to bring their products and their services to the customers in front of the customs and the customers should adapt themselves to it and get it to be acknowledged and that is the case. Because Apple is currently following all the smartphone makers and tech companies. So they do not need to renew themselves and social media marketing for themselves.


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