Why Linux Mint Would Be Your First Choice or Best Choice?

Those who are new to Linux, their main question is “Which linux distros will be the best for me?” and after gatting their answer again they asked Why Linux Mint ! Do not know whether many have seen the Kali-linux installed for the glory (so that they can claim themselves as a hacker), but Linux does not have to be completely enlightened Due to eventually uninstalling Kali-linux. Anyway, Linux is definitely not like Windows or Mac OS, it has a huge number of flavors, some flavors support the same software, and some completely different types. (Of course, you must know these issues before using Linux Mint.

When a user comes to me and asks if he will use any distribution of Linux, I try to figure out what type of user he is. If I see that he is a normal user, then I always tell him to use Linux mint and if he is a little advanced user then I suggest to install Ubuntu . Now, I want to install Linux Mint for ordinary users, today’s article is on this topic.

Why Linux Mint?

You are a Windows user and now you want to switch to Linux, now why Linux? Yes, of course there are many important reasons behind this. Of course, Windows is a paid operating system where Linux can be used free of charge that’s mean its for free, but Linux is always better than security and privacy. Now I beg to use Linux Mint for the whole new Linux user, especially those who want to come to Linux from the Windows operating system. The main reason is that Linux Mint and its Cinnamon Desktop Interface are completely like Windows. This means that you can use Linux in aromas as a means of using Windows.


If you talk about Ubuntu, then Ubuntu’s user interface will not provide Windows like feel at all, Ubuntu looks like a Mac OS. In addition to Mint, I can assure you that if you are used to running any computer, any OS, you can also use Minto, you will not need to learn anything new.

In addition to any operating system like Windows, Mint will get the same button in the same position, which is called Smart Menu Button in Windows. Mint’s App List Opening Style is like the Windows Start menu. But Linux and Windows are different things. The Linux software has different types of software to work on, it needs to work on different file formats and may need to learn some command line, but the user interface of the Mint will never have to be learned fresh.

Required apps are already installed

That’s the most interesting thing I have to do with Linux distributions, after installing the operating system, where you must download a separate software in Windows or buy and then install it, then it is useful to use them right away. But many of the Linux distributions have pre-installed lots of software, you do not have to install it separately, even if you install the operating system, you can start using the software also, it is also completely free.

Ubuntu and Mint two systems can be run almost similare software, but software can be proven to be a major challenge for the Bigener’s Linux software, while Bigener’s do not even know the name of Linux software, then Linux Mint’s already installed software has many tasks and more Bigener’s May be proved as friendly.

Like the different Linux distributions, Mint have Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, Photo Editing Software Gimp is already installed. While Windows Computer has to download millions of user software. In addition, many more applications will be available at the first boot only at the Mint.

Linux Mint Super Fast

If you have a old model PC or your laptop hardware has become old, in case of installing Windows 10, then you will understand how slow your pc is. If you install Linux Mint, in your old PC, the Linux Mint Dissent provides performance with the old hardware, you can get boot time within a few seconds. Truly you cannot believe your old PC is performing so well.

If you ask me why linux mint then this is the main answer. Now many people think of using Windows XP on older PCs, but know very well how currently using Windows XP can prove to be dangerous. If you install Linux Mint, you can always use all the latest version software and get regular updates.

Linux Mint Software Manager

It’s OK for Windows operating systems, but this is a down side of which apps you have to load you need to download from many websites, which makes it easier to get infected easily with malware. All apps like Android or iOS’s App Store are not available from the Windows Store, in which case Linux Manager can be compared with the software manager or Google Play store, Descent Job.

Mint’s software manager’s interface is very clean and modern, with most of the required apps you can get from one place and download it with a few clicks. Yes, many software site may have to be loaded, but the growers will not need it. If you have never installed the software on the computer, you can install the software comfortably, because it is easier than drinking water.

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Easy customization facility

Almost all the Linux distributions can be customized, the interface can be provided with any desire, but not everything for the beginner. Ubuntu, Fedora, and separate Linux Districts have the G NOME Desktop Interface, which is a bit of a hassle for customizing. But with Mint it will not happen at all, just click on the right mouse button to get many customization options.

You can easily change the theme, customize the window borders, icons etc., and no third-party app will need to install it. If you have used Windows earlier, customizing the Mint might be your left-hand play.

Linux Mint is a very popular one

However, when popularity does not matter, but when there is a problem with your computer, the operating system is as popular as its user community, so that any problem can be solved only from the community. Suppose you have studied in a unique problem, maybe someone else was already in the same problem and found out their solutions and posted online, so you can solve any problem in linux.

Since Mint Ubuntu is a region built on it, the Ubuntu community can solve many problems in the Mint application. And Ubuntu’s user community is a bit bigger one!

Linux Mint is awesome! If you are using, then surely understand what I mean. I do not know what type of desktop user you want from your PC’s operating system, but for me Mint is a Best OS, and it can prove to be a best OS for any beginner. Of course, Ubuntu is a powerful district, but mint is more bugler friendly!


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